MDS with PNH clone (3)

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MDS with PNH clone (3)

Flow cytometry
Details of flow cytometry instrument


Cell populations evaluated for PNH clones:

Granulocytes, monocytes, RBCs

Treatments received (if applicable):

Myelodysplastic syndrome (RA – WHO)

External control:


Antibodies/reagents and gating strategies used:

FLAER-Alexa 488, CD14 (61D3)-PE, CD15 (H198)-APC, CD24 (SN3)-PE, CD64 (10.1)-PE, CD45 (2D1)-PerCP-Cy5.5, CD59 (MEM43)-PE, CD235a (KC16)-FITC Practical Guidelines 2012

Clone sizes in all populations tested:

Granulocytes: 44.6% (Type II + III)
Monocytes: 60.6% (Type II + III)
RBCs: 17.9% (Type III), 0.7% (Type II)

LDH level:19.8 µkat/L (2.2–3.6)
RBC count:3.54 x 1012/L (4.70–6.10)
WBC and neutrophil counts:5.3 x 109/L (4.00–10.80)
Platelet count:120.00 x 109/L (150.00–400.00)
FLAER, fluorescent aerolysin; LDH, lactate dehydrogenase; MDS, myelodysplastic syndrome; RA, refractory anaemia; RBC, red blood cell; WBC, white blood cell; WHO, World Health Organization

Netflow - MDS with PNH clone (3)

FC data

Netflow - MDS with PNH clone (3)

Dot plots

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